Coffee—every university student’s best friend. It’s there to help you stay awake until 2:00 am when you forgot to study in advance, it comforts you when your exam goes terribly, and it’s the best way to warm up on these cold fall days. While coffee is helpful for these necessary and obvious reasons, there are some health benefits to the beverage that may surprise you.

According to a study published by the National Institute of Health, a major benefit of coffee is its ability to lower the risk of death. Specifically, drinking three or more cups a day lowers a person’s risk of death by up to 10 per cent compared to those who do notdrink coffee. While this is a correlation study, it is still a huge motivating factor to help university students maintain their coffee consumption.

Another major benefit to drinking coffee is lowering your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. A large study in Japan involving 76,000 participants showed an approximate 38 per cent lowered risk for men and a 22 per cent lowered risk for women of developing cardiovascular disease. Just add this to the growing list of reasons to keep up your caffeine habit.

A third positive health effect of daily coffee consumption is a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. A study lead by Harvard School of Public Health showed that increased coffee intake was associated with lowered risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus, compared to those who made no change in their coffee drinking habits—just be cautious of adding too much sugar.

As if university students needed more reasons to increase their coffee intake, they’ve just been given three more. Lowered risk of death, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes mellitus are all great reasons to keep your caffeinated beverage a part of your daily routine.