Theatre, Film, and Society: Harlow 2016

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jamie Skidmore and Andrea Procter about the new Harlow program they are planning for the fall of 2016.

The Theatre, Film, and Society program will be split between on campus classroom work from the start of the semester to October 18, after which students will leave for the Harlow campus and will stay there until December 3. While at the St. John’s campus, students will be doing all of the prep work for the trip, such as learning the camera equipment, how to make films, record sound, review plays, and more. However, at the Harlow campus, students will be less focused on classroom work and will get more hands on experience in film, photography, and exploring society.

“Our logo is ‘Go to London, discover the world.’ London is really a microcosm for the entire planet, there are people there from everywhere, so a big part of our trip is going and just discovering that diversity that you find in London,” Skidmore stated.

Although students will be spending a lot of time in Harlow, they will also be taking trips to London about two to three times a week and will be travelling to Stratford-upon-Avon for two days, to Berlin and Prague for about a week, and depending on funding might be travelling to Beaumont-Hamel and Vimy Ridge on Remembrance Day.

Aside from the pre-planned travelling in the program, students will have free time to go about on their own.

“Students will have access to really cheap flights so they can go away for the weekend and we have one period where we have a slightly longer number of days off…so there’s a stretch of like five days where they can do one big trip there,” said Skidmore.

The program is focused on theatre and film, so a lot of the time spent abroad will consist of attending plays, working on photography, and filming their own short films. Students will also get to go to the BBC studios and Warner Brothers Studios, where Harry Potter was made, as a part of the Television course.

Students will be staying at Harlow’s residence in either a single or double room depending on request, the residence features a dining hall where meals will be provided five nights a week, a shared kitchen for students to use, and a lounge area for students to relax.

There are no prerequisites for doing this program as long as you’re going into your third year or higher at Memorial University. There’s a limit of thirty students who can attend this trip. To ensure your position on the trip, you have to make a deposit of $400 to the Registrar’s office by March 14, 2016.

To find out more about the courses offered, costs, updates, etc. Check out the Facebook group where Skidmore and Procter will be posting all updates and details on the trip