In Canada, we are under a general consensus that degrees come from universities, diplomas come from colleges and other pro-secondary institutions, and certificates come from participation in almost anything. Prepare to forget everything you have ever known to be true about this as MUN offers not only degree programs, but also diploma and certificate programs; some of which are not only useful for furthering one’s academic career but are also really cool.


Diploma Programs
The More You Know

Memorial’s Diploma Programs consist of less courses overall than the degree programs, and they focus on a more specific area of training than most degree programs. Some programs are often received in lieu of a degree, or can be used in conjunction with another degree to better prepare the student for their career goals.

Unlike private colleges Diploma Programs, students do not enroll in diploma programs at MUN. Instead one completes the necessary courses required for that diploma and then they apply for the diploma once all the needs of the program have been met. This means that students can complete programs at their own pace throughout their academic career.

Most of the better-known diploma programs are offered through Memorial’s Faculty of Arts, such as Police Studies, Creative Writing, and Performance and Communication Media; however the Faculty of Business and the Faculty of Science also offer diploma programs as well.

In 2004, the RNC partnered with Memorial to create the Police Studies Program which enables potential RNC recruits to study here in St. John’s rather than travel to PEI for training, as has had previously been required. Police studies recruiting starts in September, and the applications to start the program next in the next fall semester are due in November.

For those interested in the Police Studies Program or wish to obtain more information about the length of the program or other academic information can contact Renee Shute (AA 4080) Those seeking additional information on the RNC recruitment drive can e-mail

The Creative Writing Diploma which is offered through The Faculty of Arts’ English Department is an eight-course (24 credit hour) program that differs from an English Degree not only in the amount of credit hours needed for completion, but also in the sense that its primary focus is on writing rather than the entirety of English Language Arts. The program is designed to teach students to produce literature that merits publication; focusing on composition, critiquing, and editing. Students who complete the creative writing diploma come from all types of working and educational backgrounds, and students are able to complete the requirements for the diploma at their own pace.

More information on this diploma program can be obtained by contacting Larry Mathews (AA3004), the coordinator of the diploma program at

The Performance and Communications Media Diploma is also offered through the English department. It can be completed and utilized on its own, but is often completed in conjunction with a communications degree. The program consists of six courses (18 credit hours) and an Instructional Field Placement. The student is able to complete the necessary credit hours at their own pace, and it is possible to complete the necessary credits in three semesters, assuming the required courses are offered during those semesters.

The diploma is aimed at students who are interested in creating and producing film, television, and theatre, as well as those who would like to pursue a career in acting. The 70 hour internship placement takes each student’s individual interests and skills into account so that they receive the most out of their experience from that program.

Two other important diploma programs offered by Memorial include the GISciences Diploma Program and Business Administration Diploma Program.

Geographic information sciences (GISciences) Diploma is a 30 credit hour program offered by the Department of Geography to students registered or have already completed a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science. The program consists of courses in Cartography, Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and two Instructional Field Placement Work Terms to gain hands-on knowledge of the field.

Students will learn to compile geo-referenced databases, design and produce maps, analyze data in geographical information system environments, produce digital elevation models, and extract information from aerial photographs and satellite images.

The Diploma Program for Business Administration is aimed towards those who already work in this field and have at least five years of full-time work experience or equivalent which does not have to be consecutive.

The program has several prerequisites which are required to have been completed with at least an overall average of 60 per cent prior to admission, and students may be subject to take the Math Placement Test prior to admission.

This diploma program differs from diplomas offered through the Faculty of Arts as students will have to specifically apply for the Business Administration Diploma Program. To apply for this diploma, first submit an application to MUN, indicating a Diploma in Business Administration. Then complete the 15 credit hours (five courses) required for admission. Once those courses are completed, it is necessary to submit a Faculty of Business Administration Application for admission. Even though this application process is different, students can still complete this diploma at their own pace.



Certificate Programs at MUN
Furthering Your Life and Career

Memorial’s Diploma Programs are similar to programs offered through colleges such as CNA, however the certificate programs offered through MUN’s Gardiner Centre are generally short seminar structured courses that are completed over a span of several weeks to several months. These programs usually cover material and topics which pertain to previous training that the student has received, or pertain to the job or field of work that the student is already in.

These programs are designed to specifically cater to the needs of those in related lines of work, and to educate persons in that field of new and growing trends related to their work.

Certificate programs offered through MUN include: Advanced Leadership, Business Communication, Canadian Risk Management, Digital and Social Media, Governance Essentials Program for Directors of Not-for-Profit Organizations, Human Resource Development Program, Masters Certificate in Project Management, Public-Sector Leadership and Management Development Program, Supervisory Management Skills Program, and Supply Chain Management Professional Designation Program.

Many of these certificate programs can be utilized together, in conjunction with another degree or diploma (awarded from MUN or another post-secondary institution), or by themselves.

Those interested in enrolling in a certificate program, or those who wish to learn more information on any of the programs should contact the Gardiner Centre’s training advisor Jackie Collins:


Getting and Using a Diploma in the Real World
Student Perspective

I spoke to two individuals who completed their Performance and Communications Media Diploma through Memorial University. Justin Foley—who was initially interested in Education—began his program in the fall of 2008 after studying at MUN for two years. Foley had always had an interest in performing arts, television, and film, thus when he learned of the program he applied right away.

Foley completed the program in 2010 and discontinued his initial pursuit of a degree. Since his completion of the diploma program, Foley has been working regularly in local film industry for over two years, which includes a position in working on the production of local TV show Republic of Doyle.

“I know it is kind of cliché, but when I was in that program, I really felt a sense of belonging,” said Foley. “The diploma definitely helped me get moving in the career direction I wanted to, and I know for a fact [that] it help others who [sic] I was in the program we also move in the same direction.”

Robyn Hannaford, the second source that I spoke to who also completed the diploma, says that she would 100 per cent recommend the diploma to anyone interested in media. She would even recommend some of the individual courses to students who are looking for fun electives take.