To the reader,

The Muse would like to acknowledge the critical feedback received about our Point/Counterpoint published in the most recent issue of the Muse (Vol. 66, Iss. 5).

The feature titled, “Do female-only scholarships promote or undermine equality and fairness?” did not feature the voices of those directly impacted by the debate. In publishing this feature, we should have better taken into account the voices of women affected by this topic.

We will use this opportunity as experience to help educate current and future volunteers and staff to the importance of fair representation, and will ensure that treatment of such will not be undervalued. Going forward, we will also make sure that writers and editors know that authorship decisions are crucial to ensure that all groups are fairly represented.

We welcome letters to the editor, which can be sent to in response to this article, or other issues.

The Muse is a publication that believes in equality, and will stand committed to well represent the voices of all groups in discussions that affect them.

Jeff Smyth
The Muse