2014-15 was a great year for news. Provincial government got rid of the Dale but still managed to dunder on. Harper became a swear word in some parts of the country, and MUN managed to get national notoriety for poisoning its students.The school year is coming to a close so lets sit back and enjoy the nostalgia of a year in review.


CEP were the heroes MUN deserved this summer when they chased down and detained 50 year-old bike thieves.

To raise awareness of transphobic violence of campus, students try to make bathrooms gender neutral for a week. MUN takes down the signs, because ‘that’s too confusing, man”

MUNSU Finance Director Devin Grant says a used bookstore will hopefully be coming soon to the Attic. Students hopeful that this means they won’t have to sell their other kidney next semester.

The Breezeway actually put off an event people liked! With free jugs for winners, Breezeway trivia might be beating Bitters’.

In an incredible move, Bitters introduces a…wait for it…BREAKFAST MENU! Unfortunately because it ends at 10:30am, 90 per cent of students will never get up in time to try it.

Newfoundland got a mean case of syphilis. Trojan Trolley Tuesdays increases revenue 2560%.

In a stunning investigative report, the Muse reveals that full chocolate almond machines will give you more bang for your quarter-buck.

The Supreme Court of Canada removes the ban on physician-assisted suicide, forcing people to think deep thoughts about death and stuff.

Burton’s Pond apartments will now let boys and girls live together. Apparently, MUN’s realized most of its students are past the ‘cooties’ stage.

In a landslide candidate turnout, 4 out of the 5 MUNSU executive positions were contested this year, meaning students actually had to make multiple decisions about the attractiveness of candidates and the creativity of posters.

MUN’s men’s basketball team did the improbable and booked a ticket to the playoffs. They didn’t make it all the way, but we take the victories we can.

For two long semesters the Counselling Centre was without a psychiatrist. Now it has one.

In a slew of break-ins, thousands of dollars worth of cash and booze was stolen from society rooms around campus. The two thieves were caught and detained and are currently in the midst of trials.

Students got mad about the lack parking on campus and did what any angry mob of young people would do…start a petition.

Lorraine Michael dropped the NDP leadership. ‘About time,’ said most of Newfoundland. Earle McCurdy wins NDP leadership in landslide victory. Will the b’ys vote NDP now?

In a historic victory, MUN will have a five-day spring break starting 2017. Catching up with the rest of the world feels good.

A big change in the B.A. requirements means arts students can basically do a major in easy electives. Fourth years are rotted.

MUN makes investments in improving stu over the winter semester producing questionable improvements. On the bright side, new ‘no wifi zone’ signs let you know exactly how much Internet sucks on campus.

Disgusting dining hall food gets national coverage. MUNSU debates with Aramark on the situation. Aramark promises to make changes.

Auditor General says tuition should be thawed. Students freeze him out. MUNSU pushes blue hot chocolate in protest. [snowflakes]

Former MUN Sea-Hawks women’s basketball coach Doug Partridge let go by university after allegations he spent the Christmas break in a pear tree. Also for not using his inside-voice.

MUN Counselling Centre brings in lecturer Dr. Martha Shuping, who tells the audience how abortion causes deep suffering and as a doctor, would not recommend it.

MUN drops to sixth place in Maclean’s university rankings. Students pat MUN’s head and say ‘you’re still number one to me.’

Big fire in the Chemistry building but mad scientists not to blame (this time).

MUN student Jordan Lester loses the nomination for P.C. Leader to premier Paul Davis, much to everyone’s surprise.

“New Rez” finally solves identity crisis and gets actual name, not that anyone can remember what it actually is.

The women’s Sea-Hawks soccer team makes it onto the national stage for the first time in school history – team credits unnaturally long Newfoundland summer of 5 days as reason for being so prepared.

MUNSU starts a “Mental Health Matters” campaign, and MUN President Gary Kachanoski signs a formal declaration of support. Students applaud this bold step in the right direction.

After two long semesters, the Counselling Centre finally hires a psychiatrist again (it may be Bigfoot, who knows).

MUN’S Enactus team won a lot of things and went to China. Non-business students kick themselves.

Subway comes to the Engineering Building causing students to lose 45% of life savings.

Ten per cent voter turnout at MUNSU elections. “What elections?” says the student body.

The year in petitions:
Students: “Fix Stu” MUN: Ok, a little tiny bit.
Students: “Give us free parking” MUN: Lol, nope.
Students: “Stop Aramark” MUN: oh dear god, someone get us off the national news.

 In Politics

Davis Duds:


  • Paul Davis new premier with 351 votes.
  • Davis changed Department of Justice to Department of Public Safety. Then changes it back.
  • Davis cuts seats in Cabinet from 48 to 40.
  • Judy Manning serves for seven months as the longest unelected minister in #nlpoli.

Potential government cuts. Hiring freeze. Everything is cold and horrible.

Provincial government building undergoes renovations. Still..

Scott Andrews kicked out of Liberal Party for sexual harassment. Claims he was too “jovial”.

Oil prices go on a proverbial roller-coaster.

Effective April 1, it is now mandatory for people to wear helmets while riding a bike.

In Culture

Tim Hortons hikes the prices of coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Riots ensue.

Gomeshi makes everyone talk about sexual consent and bondage.

Yik Yak joined the MUN herd…but it was ruled by res kids so we silently snuck away.

Ello replaced Facebook…lol.

Taylor Swift filled the blank space in our hearts, making her the first person to make money off music since like 2002 or something.

Newfies take over Big Brother season 2. The mainlanders get their feelings hurt. None are included in season 3.

In the World

After an attack on Parliament prompts Harper to hide in a closet, millions of Canadian feared new Conservative stronghold in Narnia.

North America vs. ISIS: Canada puts boots on the ground in Iraq. Public unsure of whose boots they are or what they’re doing there. Harper dusts off some of Jean Chrétien’s old speeches.

Israel vs Palestine: Israel launches violent bombing campaign throughout the Gaza Strip and thousands of Palestinian civilians are killed. There isn’t any joke here, only gross human rights violation.

Russia vs Ukraine: Fighting erupts in Eastern Europe as Putin tries to get the band back together.