Our features editor, Kerri Neil, picks some of her favourite albums  from this year’s RPM challenge.

Best album art: Kretek

 Listening to the RPMs, they tend to blur together. “Indie folk rock dreamy electronic” just about sums up this year, but here were a few that stood out.

 Elling Lien, “Live Ninety Seven Five” – while most of the album is more sit-down electronic or uncomfortable mash-ups, 97.5’s K-Rock Rocks intro should begin every dance party. Warning: “He Has My Eye,” gave me heart palpitations.


 MCP, “MCP” – fabulous female hip-hop. With choruses like, “more baggage than an airport, just my luck, wanna make like an airplane and fly to fuck?” and a 16 minute song remixing local crime reports and lyrics on pills and parties, you will listen to this album the whole way through.


People on Planes, “Elvi$” – while it slowly jives along the 80s keyboard revival, it stands out for being more catchy Joy than New.


Suzy Lemons and the Cool-Aid Moustache, “Songs for Cool Kids (And That Means YOU!)” – cutesy kids music encouraging helmets and sharing. “Jack, The Wizard of Lemonade” will be an instant hit.


This is Terrible, “Used to Moose” – eclectic ensemble of electronic outsider passionate rock n roll. The first few songs are fun, the rest are more moose.


Wolf Kush, “Ideas Flow” –jazzy beats for your grown-up party with Val.