Are you looking to get involved on campus or in the community? Just stop by the award winning Student Volunteer Bureau (SVB), a resource centre and referral service located in UC- 3011 to discover a volunteer placement that is suitable for you.

The SVB was founded 21 years ago with the goal of being a “by students, for students” operation that has the aspiration of enhancing the quality of student life at Memorial. Trained student employees and volunteers to assist Memorial students in finding volunteer placements both on-campus and in the community. At the helm of this group, is the Student Volunteer Bureau Coordinator Jennifer Crowe.

Crowe believes that finding the right volunteer placement can help develop skills that can bridge the gap between your chosen program and your future career. A visit to the SVB can help point you in the right direction.

On location at the SVB are 21 Volunteer Assistants who are trained to assess what a student is studying, what they’re passionate about, and where they want to go with their career. Based on this information, they are able to place students with suitable volunteer opportunities that can be on or off-campus.

Since taking over the role in May, Crowe has been working towards making the SVB more accessible to students. Volunteer postings are now available on My MUN Life and students can register for the Volunteer Incentive Program online. Crowe has also focused on reaching out to students.

“A lot of students have identified that we need to make ourselves more visible on campus, so based on that we’ve completed a video that highlights six student volunteers on campus and how volunteering has affected their paths. It will be released in the coming weeks.”

In addition to the invaluable volunteer opportunities that the SVB offers, volunteers can also receive recognition through the Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). Within the VIP, there are four ascending levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Students enter at the Bronze level, and then, upon meeting the Bronze requirements, can continue onto Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These levels verify the volunteer work and professional development sessions completed by students.

“The main reason why volunteering is important is that it is incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by academics here at university. I think that being involved with something apart from academics is beneficial to both mental sanity and the community,” said Crowe.

To get on the SVB email list and receive further information about upcoming volunteer opportunities, email or drop into the SVB office at UC3011 between 10am-4pm, Monday- Friday. All volunteer listings are available on My MUN Life and