Society Spotlight is our blog that aims to showcase some of the many clubs and societies at MUN. This week, the Muse sits down with Ryan Post, President of the MUN Free Discourse Society, to learn about their club.

What is the MUN Free Discourse Society? Who can join?

The Free Discourse Society is a student group that meets regularly to openly discuss pertinent issues. The meetings allow students the opportunity to discuss their ideas in a non-judgemental and constructive environment. Some of the topics we have discussed so far this semester include: indigenous issues in contemporary Canada, free speech and legal restrictions, political use of media footage, radicalism within Canada. Participation in these discussions does not require any prior knowledge of the subject, but light background readings are usually suggested beforehand.

Everyone is welcome to attend. We would love to see new faces and hear new opinions.

What activities or events does the Free Discourse Society host?

We hold weekly meetings on Friday from 5-6PM in SN-2033, and we plan to hold special events on campus by the end of the semester.

What are the society’s goals or objectives for the current academic year?

We are currently seeking MUNSU recognition, after which we hope to host mixers and special events around campus that will promote free speech.

When and where is the society’s next meeting or event?

Our next meeting is this Friday (November 14) at 5PM in Science 2033.

How can someone get involved? Where can someone go to get more information?

You can search for “Free Discourse Society” on Facebook, and join the group to stay updated on our weekly topics and events, or reach out via email at