In Society Spotlight, we aim to showcase some of the many clubs and societies at Memorial University. This week, the Muse spoke with Kerri Neil, President of the MUN Economics Society.

What is the MUN Economics Society? Who can join?

The MUN Economics Society is a student group primarily made up of Economics students, but we encourage anyone with an interest in economics to join. Economics influences many aspects of our lives and we would love for people in different faculties to come and bring new perspectives on what our economy should focus on.

What activities or events does the MUN Economics Society host?

Like every good student society we hold monthly mixers to connect those interested in economics and facilitate discussion over drinks.

We are also about to embark on a speaker series with professors in the Economics department. This will be a really great opportunity to learn what economists do and how an economic degree can be applied in the real world.

What are the society’s goals or objectives for the current academic year?

This year the society is hoping to expand and bring together more people interested in economics so that we may create more lively discussions on what direction our economy should take.

The society is also hoping to better prepare students for what to expect after graduation and I think the speakers series will be instrumental to giving students a better idea about life after university.

When and where is the society’s next meeting or event?

The society meets every second Monday at 3:00pm in A-3049. Our next meeting will be November 1.

Our first speaker series will take place Friday, October 24 at 1:00 in SN-3042. Dr. Roberto Martinez-Espineira will be presenting his work on “Valuing Life and Limb: Using nonmarket valuation tools to value reductions in risk.”

We’ll also be having a Halloween mixer from 5-8pm on Friday, October 31 in A-3049!



How can someone get involved? Where can someone go to get more information?

You can find us on Facebook at “MUN Economics Society.” This is where we’ll post all the information for our upcoming events. You can also email us at to learn more.