Suits has made some good progress in recent episodes, but I’ve still been a little hard on it. I have commented multiple times on my dislike of the Logan/Rachel storyline, which adds next to nothing to Rachel’s character. That being said, I can only really focus on this so much. I understand that they have to pursue that plot point to the end, and in fact, it seemed to have been tied up quite well.

Now that we’ve taken care of the Logan/Rachel storyline, I hope for a return to the mobility of a legal drama. As I’ve mentioned before, Suits finds its strongest moments in short bursts of character development under the umbrella of Pearson Specter’s legal work. Suits, for me, is a show that shines with a new set of characters every couple of weeks, interacting with a few familiar characters. I’m all for story arc’s, but I think that Suits has, lately, lingered a little too long in certain places.

As much as I dislike lingering, I have to admit that Suits has seemingly concluded with Logan/Rachel quite well, with minimal lasting damage. Of course, Mike and Rachel will have a great deal to sort out, but hopefully this will only take up a minor amount of screen time. There also appears to be progress on Jeff Malone’s character. I hope that this character will find a smooth transition into the legal proceedings of Pearson Specter in a way that doesn’t overburden the show with character development.

Suits seems to have done away with a fair bit. They have dealt with some of my less preferred storylines quite nicely. Perhpas now, we will finally witness a committment to the Suits that won fans like myself over so quickly.