On March 11 and 12, students of MUN will be voting for their student union’s 2014/2015 Board of Directors. The MUNSU Board consists of five full-time paid executive director positions, four Directors at Large positions, as well as a number of faculty/school and constituency representatives. Students can vote online on their MUN Self Service, or at polling stations around campus.

Students pay $42.23 per semester in fees to MUNSU, and the Board of Directors holds a lot over power over student life and plays a big role in student issues; the Muse encourages the students of MUN to get to know their candidates and vote.

All candidates were given the opportunity to provide a headshot and platform/bio for the paper.



Candidates for Executive Director of Finance and Services:


Name: Max Page

Hello Memorial! I’m Max Page, the responsible, confident, and experienced candidate to vote for to lead our student union’s finances and services! Please follow my campaign to see plans to maximize resources, to better advertise, market, and promote our union’s services, and to ensure that these services are serving students first!

Who is Max? What is the position? What is the plan? And how do you get involved? All this and more when you visit us through Facebook, “Vote Max Page for Executive Director of Finance & Services,” through twitter, and when you contact campaign headquarters at maxpage2014@gmail.com

The Basics.

Hometown: Bedford, N.S.
Why Memorial: Affordability, flexible programming, and residence life.
Degree: B.B.A & Philosophy.
Concentrations: Human Resources, Social Entrepreneurship, and Business Ethics.
Applicable Experience: Sail Program Manager, Treasurer of MUN Sailing, kitchen staff, and lifelong social advocate.



Name: Devin Grant

As Executive Director of Finance and Services, I will follow three guiding principles: Innovation, Communication, and Accountability.

I plan to refine and improve our existing services, while introducing new and exciting services to benefit students, such as a used bookstore, a tutor registry and more.

I believe that it is crucial to ensure that our Students’ Union is acting on the priorities of students, through regular consultations with students. A Students’ Union should not be a student government; it should be a way for members to work together for the good of the student body.

Finally, I will ensure that MUNSU remains a fiscally accountable organization, so that all students can see how their Union is working for them. This involves posting our budget and audited financials online, and introducing regular spending reports.

For a full platform, or to ask me any questions you may have, please visit devingrant.ca

Candidates for Executive Director of Campaigns:


Name: Robert Leamon

My name is Robert Leamon and I want to be your Executive Director of Campaigns. The Director of Campaigns takes on issues that are important to students and I have the experience and passion to do just that.

I spent over two years as president of the Grenfell Campus Student Union and have worked with the current Director of Campaigns, giving me the skills necessary to effectively tackle issues facing students.

I’m passionate about improving students’ lives by reducing stress and improving our campus. Dealing with academics, finances, relationships, and other issues, can be overwhelming for many students. I will work to achieve a full 5-day reading week and an improved counseling centre, as well as more affordable housing and education, to reduce students’ stress. I will also work to improve campus safety and implement cellphone charging stations for a more convenient campus. Learn more about my platform at robertleamon.ca

Maggie Millican

Name: Maggie Millican

My name is Maggie Millican. I’m running for the position of Executive Director of Campaigns. I plan to restructure the Campaigns committee in order to target a wider membership and fully harness the power of volunteers on campus. I will also work with the Finance and Services director to reallocate resources to promote student engagement in the upcoming federal election. One of my primary concerns is to facilitate communication between students and the Board. Accurate representation of the voters is important to me. I am an undergraduate student living in residence and I have represented my community on Residence Council, as well as volunteered for several student organizations. My years on campus have been highly rewarding and I’m excited about the opportunity to give back to my community. Any questions you have about my platform or the campaigns that are operated by our student’s union can be directed to mm8736@mun.ca.

Candidates for Directors at Large:


Name: Anik Rahman

Over the years, I have maintained an extensive amount of involvement in over 20 local, national and international organizations. I have been involved with Memorial community since I started my university. Multiple social justice campus groups, Residence Life, Memorial’s various leadership programs, Student volunteer Bureau and International Student Advising are the name of few places I am involved within our Memorial community.

I am working closely with students since my high school years and have continued doing so at Memorial as a current member of the board of directors. I look forward to continuing strong and effective relationships with Memorial’s student body. To make this possible, I will listen your concerns and will seek to find the best and fairest way forward. I can assure you I take nothing for granted when it comes to the election. Each and every vote will have to be earned.

Chris Russell

Name: Chris Russell

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a political science student, I co-host a radio show on your campus radio station, CHMR, and I work at your campus bar, the Breezeway. I want to bring this knowledge and familiarity of some of MUNSU’s biggest services to your Board of Directors.

If elected, I would like to explore improvements to the services that your student union offers. I would pay particular attention to the Breezeway, because I feel it is a great place for students to relax and get to know one another. I would also like to improve representation on the Board, and ease the ratification process for clubs and societies, which are a great resource for students to work toward common goals. I want to know what you think so please contact votechrisrussell@gmail.com.

It’s your union. It’s your year. Vote Chris Russell for Director at Large.


Name: Brendon Dixon

My name is Brendon Dixon I am a 2nd year Political Science student. I have lived on campus these past two years and have listened to students in the past about their experiences at MUN. When I ask students about MUNSU or the services that they offer I usually get a “I don’t know.” I’ve seen this many times and I want to be the person to help change this by expanding services and how they’re advertised, as well as working to get results at the Breezeway. I have been in leadership positions before and as a Director at Large I intend on being a leader that listens to every concern brought to me. I want to see a more vibrant university community, and I want a MUNSU that students know are working for them and can be proud to say they’re a part of. So on E-Day vote Dixon.

Candidates who have not submitted a platform or photo:

Jeffrey Anstey
Dylan Chrysochou
Kelsea Perry
Emily Philpott
Morgan Simms

Candidates for Part-Time Students’ Representative

Candace Simms

Name: Candace Simms

With three years experience on the MUNSU Board of Directors, I have the ability to represent students and ensure your voices are heard. However, I recognize that more work must be done to engage all students. As Part-time Students’ Representative, I would work with you to find new ways to engage part-time and distance students specifically. Services and campaigns must be easily accessible to all students. By making better use of online resources and the D2L portal, as well as scheduling events and tabling outside of office hours, we can reach more students than ever before. This is YOUR students’ union and your voice must be heard in the decision making process. I am committed to making a difference in the lives of students and truly believe that we are strongest when we work together. On March 11 and 12, vote Candace Simms for Part-time Students’ Representative.



Name: Alyssa Feener

After the past two years as a director on MUN Student’s Union I am running for Part Time Student Rep and I would love your vote! My campaign is pretty simple: I want to prioritize representing the students to the board and I want to make MUNSU more accessible.

Just a couple of things I speak about in my platform are changing the current communication policy to allow directors to reach out to students using methods that students use and adding evening events and office hours for students who work in the day or take mainly distance courses.

I believe my most important job is to represent students to the board and not the board, or the cfs, to the students. I want to represent your views, thoughts and opinions. Check out Vote Alyssa Feener – Part Time Student Rep on Facebook for more information.

Candidates for Business Representative:


Name: Ryan Post

My name is Ryan Post, and I’m running for MUNSU Business Rep.

I arrived at MUN just two months ago. After living in, and observing post-secondary institutions in Toronto, Waterloo, and Victoria, MUN—and particularly the business faculty—offered a refreshingly supportive and accepting community. I want to give back to that community by collaborating with and representing my fellow students.

I’ve managed small businesses and initiated and carried out my own ventures. I continue to develop my business acumen through dedicating my time to Enactus and social enterprise. As Business Rep, I will bring experience, commitment, and focus to the position—all of which will allow me to effectively serve and represent the best interests of Business Students.

As business rep, I intend to tackle the following issues:

–          Proportional Representation on MUNSU
–          Summer employment programs for BBA students
–          Faculty Identity

Candidates who have not submitted a platform or photo:

Sarah Farrell
Kandice Power

Candidates for Arts Representative:

Name: Melissa Thomas

I’m Melissa Thomas and I want to Represent Arts students on MUNSU!

My platform has three main topics: communication, experience and innovation. I will have a prominent online and on campus presence to keep in touch with Arts students and ensure your concerns are heard and solutions pursued. Before I decided upon the major I am doing now I tried many of the other disciplines available and am familiar with many of the challenges. Through my experience with MUNSU and CNASU I have learned a lot about what can be done to improve services. Using my experience I will work on innovation within the Arts Faculty and the services offered by MUNSU. Many of our challenges can be overcome with properly researched, creative and realistic ideas which I intend to further! For more details and to see my full platform in the coming days check out the Facebook event www.bit.ly/VoteMelissaArts!

Candidates who have not submitted a platform or photo:

Bronwen Trombley

East/West Tower Representative:

Bridgette Abbott
Cody Fraser

Pharmacy Representative:

Zachary Morse
Jeremy MacDonald

Science Representative:
Andrew O’Dea
Katie Doyle




Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications, and Research

ryan small

Name: Ryan Murphy

I have two goals for the role of the Executive Director of External Affairs, Communications, and Research.

First, I will use my years of experience (including two past Executive roles) to support and enable the Executive and the Board in their work representing and serving students. This means, for instance, supporting Finance and Services in setting up a restaurant at the Breezeway; working with Student Life to make the process of ratifications and grant applications much faster and more transparent; connecting Campaigns to external partners to amplify our impact on student issues; and helping Advocacy recruit feedback about critical academic problems in our institution.

Second, with my geeky knowledge of technology and community building, I will use both traditional and social media to give students more information (and opportunities to contribute) more often.

Sadly, 150 words is not enough: visit www.ryanjamurphy.com for more info. Thanks for reading!

Executive Director of Advocacy

Sean Kennedy

Name: Sean Kennedy

From advocating for students on committees to club and society roles, I’ve gained an understanding of issues affecting students, where changes need to be made, and how to achieve them.

Mental health issues are a concern at universities across Canada, with our own campus being no exception. I plan to help make campus healthier, more accepting, and safer. I hope to achieve this through actions like increasing promotion of health services, and pushing for the expansion of breaks to make sure students can relax and recharge.

When it comes to academics, I will be a strong voice ensuring programming remains diverse and responsive for students. I will form a task force with academic societies to ensure an open discussion about issues facing students. Additionally, my door will always be open to anyone facing concerns when it comes to courses, problems with professors, appeals, or anything that may come their way.

Other candidates acclaimed to their position:

Executive Director of Student Life: Kimberly Drisdelle
Student Parent Representative – Kelly Brewer-Blach
Aboriginal Student Representative – Anita Fells
Women’s Representative – Brittany Byrnes

Student with Disabilities Representative – Samuel Wilkes
International Student Representative – Shefaur Rahman
LGBTQ Representative – Tyler Drake
Burton’s Pond Representative – Brittany Lennox
Paton College Representative – Jillian Vallis
Social Work Representative – Jason Wiseman
Engineering Representative – Sarah Shannon
Arts Representative – Megan Cluett
Arts Representative – Ryan Steeves
Arts Representative – Stephanie Mauger
Science Representative – Thomas Southall
Science Representative – Leah Robertson
Science Representative – Garrett Tingley
Centre for Nursing Studies Represenative – Jamieson Kovacs
Nursing Representative – Courtney Young
Paton College Representative – Kimberly Brown