After taking some time to regroup and develop a new image, on November 3, Goodwill Gaming launched their new brand: Sandbox Gaming (SBG).

Back in September, the student-run St. John’s non-profit organization was forced to temporarily shut down its operations after being informed of a trademark infringement in its name by Goodwill Industries International.

The organization was presented with a demand to cease and desist use of the “Goodwill” name, so in order to avoid a lawsuit, Goodwill Gaming went on hiatus while deciding how to re-brand their organization.

“Our new name comes from the idea that every child is equal in the sandbox and should have the opportunity to enjoy games,” said Anthony Leonard, SBG’s Director of Committee Relations.

The mandate of the organization has not changed, so the newly named Sandbox Gaming retains Goodwill Gaming’s motto: “We play so they can play.”

The organization raises money for children’s charities through video gaming and community events, and is coming back in full force with its re-launch. SBG has several upcoming events, including a games day on November 9, a mixer on November 15, a Pokémon event on November 30, and their seventh charity marathon, set to take place from December 6-9. The list of games at the marathon is going to be comprised of the most popular games from past marathons.

“It’ll be a great recap of how far our organization has come since the early days,” said Leonard.

Leonard says that while the forced name change has been a bit of a set-back for the organization, some good has come out of it.

“While the downtime is unfortunate, the change has given us some time to rework our organization. We have a new hierarchy that will allow social and fundraising events to be streamlined and organized more efficiently.”

Though there was concern that with the change in name the organization might lose some of the following that they had built over the past three years, Leonard noted that their Facebook and Twitter accounts have already received some new attention through their advertising efforts.

“This attention will undoubtedly increase when we begin advertising for our next fundraising event. We will be back stronger than ever.”

Anyone wishing to be part of SBG’s committee should attend their weekly meetings, which are at 5pm on Wednesdays at EN-4008, as well as a few of their events.