When traveling the world should be trying new food and drink, taking in culture and new people, it is not without its danger. Instead, you need to always be careful, or this experience will not be as great as you imagined it would be.

All major cities have pickpockets which operate a system and routine to rob anyone within the traveling population. They will do sly moves like bumping into individuals to make their move, or use group tactics to distract an individual while another can take action. If you fall for such a ploy and don’t plan carefully, before you know it, all valuables you have will be gone. You would be surprised how quick a trained thief can get into your backpack or back pocket without being noticed.

I have experienced this multiple times throughout my travels this semester, and have learned a few quick tips you can to avoid such a mess.

First off, you will want to keep all travel documents, passports, and money on you at all times, hidden quite well where no one can gain access to it. Invest in a money belt, while keeping your camera in an inside pocket or otherwise inaccessible location. And, as mentioned, back-packs or other bags are not safe, so if you do intend on taking one, keep its content to items that can easily be replaced. Losing your passport or other forms of identification is not only an expensive loss, but a difficult item to replace in European countries without struggle.

Lastly, really watch who you are talking to. If something seems suspicious, or too good to be true, then chances are it is. The best rule of thumb is to avoid swarms of strange individuals and to learn to walk away. Traveling is a great experience, but one with great dangers. Only by avoiding these dangers, is one able to enjoy their travels.