It is that time of the year again, folks; the time where you load off your textbooks onto unsuspecting first years who do not realize that they do not need the book you own. Dust off those hardcovers, it is book selling time.

But why, my fellow students, does the act of selling books seem so unjustly awkward? Why is it that when you agree to meet up with your buyer, everything is sunshine and lollipops, until you actually get to the meeting place? Once you are there, you realize every tuition-paying college nerd is in the exact same spot. There you are, standing awkwardly with your used textbook, along with other sweaty awkward boy and girl equipped with their dust-covered textbook.

Then comes the confrontation—Oh boy is there ever a confrontation. Just last week I sold a book, and you would swear that I was a mass murderer with the way the unnamed buyer approached me.


Why yes, that is me, the only one in the area standing with the book you are looking for.

Why can’t we be nice to each other? We are all human beings. We are not strange creatures that you need to tactically approach like someone on an African hunting expedition. Why can’t we all be assertive with our approach and just simply ask if the person holding your book is who you are looking for. The absolute worst that can come out of that person’s mouth is a simple, ‘no.

Maybe it is the locations in which we pick to meet people. Outside the bookstore has to be the number one location where people meet to exchange books, and it is like a maze trying to find somebody. So why not meet outside of the buyer or seller’s class? Or even in one of the many cafes around campus?

The used textbooks saga will never quite see an end, but this is a note for future reference. Be nice to each other kids. Maybe one day, we can all just be happy (and non-awkward) students.