Ashley’s outfit caught my eye when I was out looking for a student to photograph initially because of her boots. They were very much so on point with the current military style that seems to be happening this fall/winter season. Even though the roads of St. John’s had clearly done some damage to them, the slight destruction and salt stains only added to their appeal when it came to the outfit on a whole.

The star piece of her outfit, though, was her belted dress. It had a beautiful flow and the way the tiny pattern of beige birds tied in the other elements from her outfit was nothing short of perfect.

A brown and black color pallet is difficult to pull off if you don’t choose the right shade of brown to go with the black, it really can turn out to be disastrous. This being said, Ashley pulls it off flawlessly and it in a subtle enough way, bringing in the delicate pattern of beige birds from her dress to break up the brown from her tights, giving the whole look a gentler feel.