With unlimited possibilities, it is no surprise that musicians tend to stray from their routine in order to experience other styles of music. Recently, singer/songwriter Len O’Neill and drummer Steve Doyle, members of Those Lasers and Thom and the Tomcats, have been doing just that.

O’Neill and Doyle have been a dynamic duo since childhood, and even more so when they began playing music. It just makes sense that they’d put their musical talent together and call it Boatts

There’s no spelling error, as the band’s name is an acronym for “bastard of a thing to sequence.” An idea created by Wintersleep and brought to life by two St. John’s musicians.

“When I first started making music, I used Boatts as my Bandcamp account and it just stuck. It wasn’t intentional,” O’Neill explained. The name Boatts also stems from the idea of actual ships; like a vessel carrying something important from one place to another, a musician carries a song to the audience.

Boatts would certainly be categorized as an Indie- Folk band, as the songs offer less of an opportunity to dance, and more of a chance to ponder the meanings of O’Neill’s lyrics.

“It’s less about partying and more about listening,” he said. “I wanted to make music where the lyrics were the most important thing. I think that this style of music allows me to do that.”

“You get so used to a formula that you suddenly want to try new things,” Doyle agreed. “With Boatts, the music is just different from our other stuff.”

As of now, Boatts is solely a two person act, however the duo have incorporated other musicians into their sets.

“Chris Clarke is going to play bass with us for the next few shows and Erin Eaton is probably going to play keyboards again when she gets home from Toronto,” O’Neill said. “Otherwise, we’re kind of keeping it open depending on the setting.”

Although the band has only played a handful of shows, things are starting to speed up. With upcoming shows and a determination to have an album recorded and released by May, Boatts are trying to stay afloat in the St. John’s music scene.

Check out Boatts on March 8 as they hit the stage for the Thom and the Tomcats CD release show.