The English Language Research Centre (ELRC), housed in the English Department at Memorial University, will be celebrating 30 years of The Dictionary of Newfoundland English on Friday November 9, and Saturday November 10, 2012.

The ELRC, established in 1986, is also known as the Dictionary Room. This room is where editors spent years compiling words and creating the dictionary of Newfoundland English. It is also home to a reference library and collected primary works. The Centre is used mainly for research on the background of Newfoundland English, as well as the origins of names in the province.

Suzanne Power, manager of the ELRC, was excited to speak about the upcoming weekend’s events.

“On Friday evening, we are putting off a story telling event. The editors of the dictionary will have a chance to describe their experiences [. . .] and after the stories are finished we are going to have a reception in the Arts Atrium and that will feature live music,” she said.

The entertainment for this event will be local musician Boyd Chubbs.

“On Saturday we have a full day of presentations to celebrate Newfoundland and Labrador English and to showcase past, present, and future directions in research,” Power continued. “Part of the idea behind the presentation is to try and tailor it to a more general audience. We’re trying to get people to reflect more on this language.”

There will also be a short tour of The Dictionary Room during the lunch break on Saturday for anyone who is interested.

Events on both days are free of charge and open to the general public. Everyone is welcomed to attend and help celebrate the anniversary of The Dictionary of Newfoundland English as well as the origins of the language.

For more information, contact Suzanne Power at 864 -4481 or at