If you examine a newly issued Campus Card, you might notice a small but significant change. The chip located on older cards is nowhere to be found, and now only the swipe bar on the back remains. For students who are used to needing the chip for various functions of the card, this might seem concerning.

You don’t have to worry though; it’s not a printing error. Instead, it’s part of an upgrade by Student Affairs and Services, with all functions now being taken care of by the magnetic swipe bar.

Don’t rush to get a new card printed just yet though. All formerly issued student cards are still fully functional.

Combing the two functions of the chip allows for a more streamlined process, because now instead of having to keep up with two different technologies, there is only one.

Another major change to the card system is the switch to storing funds online. While the old system involved actually storing funds on the physical card, they are now instead securely stored online.

By switching to an online system, students can have the peace of mind that even if they lose their card, they still have whatever funds were on the card.

Now instead of only being able to upload funds from designated stations on campus, students can instead put money on their card from any computer. However, for students who wish to keep doing things the old way, cash upload stations are still located in the QEII, Health Science, and Marine Institute Libraries, as well as the UC food court and Faculty of Business computer lab.

The new system also allows for people other than the student to be able to add funds to a student’s account. This tool enables parents to provide money for the student to use and ensure that it doesn’t go “elsewhere.”

However, the funds can be used for more than just printing and photocopying on-campus. For students looking for tea, coffee, or something to eat, the campus card is an acceptable form of payment at Treats in the UC.

Those with residual funds on their card from previous semesters should note that they must be transferred to the new online system. This can be done at EasyConvert stations located near all the upload stations, except for the one in the UC.

For any questions or concerns regarding the new campus card system, visit Answers UC3005or call 864-7461.