The International Students’ Centre (ISC) is about to come under new leadership.

The elections for executive positions will be taking place on April 6. The recently revived centre, supported by the MUN Students’ Union (MUNSU), will provide help with on-campus issues in addition to planning trips and events to bring international students together.

For the past three months Danai Kusikwenyu, the ISC volunteer co-ordinator, has been working with MUNSU and Student Affairs and Services to increase the viability of the centre and prepare it for a new international student executive.

“It is important that international students have a space,” said Kusikwenyu. “This centre will also encourage more interaction between all the international student groups, as well as promoting interaction between Canadian and international students.”

Nominations closed on March 31 and a new president, four vice-presidents, and a secretary will be elected.

Voting will be similar to MUNSU elections; international students can vote online through MUN’s self-service website and they can also cast their vote at the computer located in the MUNSU office.

The centre will be up and running as soon as the new committee is elected.

Rufaro Makamure, a representative of the ISC says the International Students’ Centre should be a collaborative effort between the administration and international students.

“A lot of students are unaware of the international community at MUN,” said Makamure. “The ISC will raise awareness while providing a place for international students to come together.”

Kusikwenyu, who is also running for president, says that it is important that many international students get involved. She is excited about all the possibilities the improved resource centre will offer.

“Get involved and be the change you want to see,” said Makamure.

While the ISC’s student government will be run by international students, Canadian students are welcome to stop by the centre and contribute in any way that they want.

“There can even be events over the summer for those students who spend their summers at MUN,” said Kusikwenyu.